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Break Bulk Liner Service

SK Shipping launched its break bulk cargo shipping service in 1995. Through continuous growth over the last 20 years, SK Shipping has positioned itself as a major break bulk shipping company in East Asia. Since 2014, despite challenges in the global maritime shipping market, SK Shipping has been able to record over 100 voyages a year transporting an average of 3.7 million tons of cargo.

To meet the various needs of customers from all corners of the world, SK Shipping is now operating four fleets comprising all types of vessels from Small Handy to Supramax and is providing top-quality transportation service across the world for break bulk cargoes, such as steel, timber, equipment and facilities. Having concluded a long-term shipping contract (COA) with major steel companies of Korea, China and Japan, SK Shipping's key customers include POSCO, SeAH Steel, Nippon Steel Corporation, Baosteel Group and China Steel (Taiwan).

Asia – North America route

Asia – North America route
Since we started Korea-North America West route in 1995, we continuously expanded our service area, number of port callings and number of voyages. Now we operate periodic liner service covering all routes in North America to satisfy our customers' needs. Cargoes we can handle are General Cargo including finished or half-finished steel products and other cargoes such as yacht, weight cargo, machine and any loadable cargoes. Especially we provide complete service in steel products transportation which requires particular capabilities in loading and discharging through experience over time and perfect skill.

Sea route between Far East Asia – Southeast/Southwest Asia

Sea route between Far East Asia – Southeast/Southwest Asia
We opened Korea – Manila route in 2001 and we expanded additional routes very quickly. Now we cover any routes in this region. We transport finished/half-finished steel products from Korea, China and Japan and other various cargoes. We employ small size vessels (less than 30,000 DWT) because in this routes smart and quick delivery is very important. Thus, we run competitive and versatile tonnage taking and operation.

Asia – Europe route

We cover the whole Europe and North Africa area since we began service in 2004. We transport General Cargo including steel products from Korea, Fareast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia and other various cargoes. We also transport various cargoes from Europe to Asia and we provide professional service. General cargo transportation service requires high level of capabilities in loading and discharging through experience over time and skill. SK Shipping provides competitive and complete service to our customers. We also keep developing Europe – Asia and Europe – North America route for European and Black Sea based charterers.

Asia– South America route

SK Shipping is expanding our service in Asia – South America routes since we started in 1995. Mexico, Brazil and Columbia are the major routes we provide our service. We endeavor to provide best service in this region based on our accumulated experience from Asia – North America routes. We are also speeding up to develop South America – Asia routes for major charterers in this region.

Service Map

North America

North America
Major loading area
Major discharging port
Major loading port