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Introduction of Ethical Management

Ethical management refers to honest and transparent management activities performed by corporate enterprises as part of a national economy and community, not only to achieve their fundamental commercial objective, but also adhere to laws and social norms, and earn the trust of their stakeholders.

SK Shipping recognizes that ethical management is one of the most important tools in business management. By helping all SK Shipping people understand and embody the value of ethical management, SK Shipping will take the lead in creating an ideal community for its stakeholders and, ultimately, the entire community.

Moreover, SK Shipping recognizes ethical management, as the foundation of strong corporate culture. With the support of its customers, shareholders, partners and SK people, SK Shipping will endeavor to even further improve its ethical management for the continuous contribution to the happiness of the community .

Principles of Ethical Management

  • Responsibilities for customers
    Customers are the foundation of our existence Achieving excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Responsibilities for shareholders
    Maximizing shareholder value Reporting correct management information
  • Compliance and fair competition
    Complying with laws and regulations and respecting general business practices Respecting free market order and free competition
  • Fair transaction with Business Partner(BPs)
    Respecting fair and transparent processes Not engaging in improper transaction or not receiving inappropriate treatment
  • Responsibilities for the state and the community
    Faithfully fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of a good corporate citizen No engagement in politics
  • Responsibilities for employees
    Cultivation of creative HR talent Fair and proper evaluation and reward
  • Work ethics for employees
    Establishing right values based on integrity and diligence Establishing correct sense of value Fair execution of work