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  • To present maximum value to our customers and fulfill our social responsibilities on environmental protection, SK Shipping establishes and implements the following policies
  • Set up industry-leading level of safety, environment&quality system, continue to maintain and improve to pursuit SUPEX (Super Excellent).
  • SK Shipping prohibits any loss of or damage to life or property by means of safe operation.
  • SK Shipping contributes to the preservation of the ocean environment by means of the 3R campaign; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  • SK Shipping measures and announces its performance in Safety, Quality and Environment management on a regular basis
  • SK Shipping complies strictly with international regulations on Safety, Quality and Environment.
  • SK Shipping continuously pursuits Zero Injury, Zero Accident and Zero Pollution to accomplish customer satisfaction through safety operation, environmental protection and guaranteed quality. Our Safety, Environment&Quality is developed and maintained through organic cooperation between marketing, product , R&D and supporting divisions and through direct lead/help/check by top management.