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We have been carrying out a long-term ocean transportation contract with the largest crude oil and gas carrier in Korea. Our ship management and operational know-how that has been accumulated through transportation efforts of overseas power plants, steel mills, and mines; we are customer-oriented and committed to excellence.

The Bulk Carrier Team transports major resources including iron ore, coal for iron manufacturing, and bituminous coal for thermal power plants. Since we introduced the first bituminous carrier for Korea electric power in 1996, we have expanded the business by adding 7 more carriers for Korea Southern Power, Korea East-West Power, Korea Midland Power, Hyundai Glovis, and SK Networks. The team provides long-term stable transportation services customized for each customer's needs. It does so by reducing over-all costs through introducing eco-friendly vessels at the right time and maximizing operational efficiency of the carriers in place.

SK Shipping will extend our co-work or cooperation practice across the world through continuous accident-free operation, stable business portfolio, competitive fleet based on constant research /analysis and custom-fit service depending on the cargo and route.