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We started Dry Bulk business with one Panamax size vessel in 1983. We have made incremental growth of our Dry bulk business over time. Now SK Shipping is one of the worldwide Dry Bulk shipping companies in Cape (100,000~300,000 DWT), Panamax (60,000~100,000 DWT) size.

SK Shipping has all the capabilities and experiences in transporting all sorts of Dry Bulk cargoes reflecting multiple and complex trading pattern in worldwide Dry Bulk market.

CVC/OPEN Chartering

Our Bulk Tramper Business Department is transporting resources such as Iron ore, Coal and Grain with Cape, Panamax size vessels. We transport resources worldwide from Australia, Brazil, US, Canada, Columbia, and Africa to South Korea, China, Japan, and India.

Especially for Iron ore and coal we provide stable services to major steel manufacturing companies and electronic power companies through long and short shipping contracts. As before, we will try our best to provide the services that satisfy the customer's needs by using our 30 years accumulated chartering/operating know-how.

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