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SK Shipping recognizes human resources management as the key factor for success since our foundation. We focus not just on to elevate our capabilities through various education program but also on to complete personality.

We educate standby crew with introductory program, pre-boarding program, OJT and standby crew program. Furthermore, BRM (Bridge Resource Management) / ERM (Engine room Resource Management) training and video education have worked well in maximizing each crew's capability, feeding them with up-to-date information, and building a strong team spirit. We also encourage and offer professional training by accredited world- class training centers such as MSS (Marine Safety Service).Ship/shore joint mobilized drills are conducted on a regular basis to prepare for emergency situations. Onboard drills such as SOLAS required by R&R are performed regularly.

Crew recruitment and training

We nurture first-rate professional seamen by recruiting and training crews in a systematic manner, thereby ensuring safe ship navigation and delivering the best services.

Crew training setup

SK Shipping's crew training consists of 3 major and 7 core categories that complement each other in a virtuous cycle to maximize the effectiveness of the training

Crew training setup
Statutory training Legal - Training on relevant laws and regulations conducted regularly
- Follow up with additional/enhancement training
2 Value & Culture - Familiarization of new/career employees strengthened
- SKMS training programs
Loyalty - Vision is shared and relations enhanced via new workshop programs
- Leadership training courses added
Globality - English language courses
- Well-performing captains/chief engineers provided with opportunities to join overseas training programs and seminars
3 Ship OJT - Essential OJT items are selected and reflected upon evaluation
- Know-how shared through OJT
Skills - Job skill improvement training items are diversified/differentiated
- Ship delivery and major HSEQ training programs added/ enhanced
- In-house trainers secured and developed
promotion - Essential training courses added for promotion
- Qualities of promotion candidates verified through stringent evaluation

Seamen internship

Excellent seamen candidates are recruited at school and provided scholarships and other benefits until graduation to nurture excellent, loyal, career-minded seamen. Interned seamen will be nurtured via a tracking development program to make sure that they fulfill their roles as key onshore/offshore resources.

Senior's Seminar

Seminars are provided each quarter on the latest marine technology and ship navigational safety trends to senior officers on leave to provide a forum of communication between onshore and offshore crews so that they may be able to better understand each other.

Seafarer's Workshop

A forum of communication on ship navigational safety between ship and shore is provided for all crews on semi-annual leave to enable them to better understand each other.

Captain/chief engineer's workshop

A forum of communication between onshore and offshore crews for captains/chief engineers on quarterly leave is provided to enable them to better understand each other.

Job rotation system

A job rotation system has been introduced to promote junior officers and enable seamen to experience onshore duties of their choice to improve their understanding of differing job responsibilities.

SIGTTO Standard LNG Training

Through the SIGTTO Training course, the crew who hasn’t experience with LNGC or who promoted to senior officer will obtain the knowledge and operational capabilities regarding the LNGC operation.