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SK B&T provides high-quality fuel oil, various products and services for shipping vessels operating in the open ocean for a long time, merchant vessels transporting various supplies, facilities for developing marine resources and ships for supplementary services, and island states.

Since we began to sell fuel oil in the South Pacific Ocean in 1987, based on our customers trust in our management principles focused on quality products, correct amounts and timely supply, we have continued to expand our service areas, and now we have more than 20 tankers in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and we are building sales networks on all continents to reinforce our customer service. With a fresh start in Oct 2012, SK B&T became an independent subsidiary of SK Shipping.

Its established experience and expertise in the field of bunkering are a valuable asset that helped empower the company to maintain its number one position in the industry and differentiate itself from its competitors.

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