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SK Shipping has provided top-class consulting and vicarious services in new building, ship management, ship conversion and S&P by leveraging our accumulated experience and know-how since 1982.

SK Shipping provides professional service in ship/crew management, cargo handling know-how and Environment Protection Activity. We have good customer reputation and satisfaction because of our decades of experience and technical know-how in that area. SK Shipping also provides valuable knowledge and information in ship management service, condition survey, repair and conversion area.

Service area

  • Ship management Consulting
  • Condition survey (Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Preparation of Tanker Vessels for Oil Major Inspection incl. Pre-vetting
  • Safety Audit and Rating
  • Ship Conversions and Technical Consultancy
  • Technical Assistance for US/EU Calling incl. OPA90
  • Drydocking Supervision and Negotiation
  • Training Seafarer/Shore staff