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Global Top-tier Shipping Group in Resources Transport

We recognize that a fair and transparent corporate culture is the foundation of corporate competitiveness, and we resolve to comply with the company's "Principles of Business Ethics" and "Code of Conduct" in doing business operation and duties both internally and externally.

1. We comply with law and order.
We comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries of business operation and respect the business transactions and trade customs of the countries of business operation. We strive to become an exemplary and competitive company through fair and transparent business activities in accordance with the principles of a free competitive market.
2. We have mutual respect for our bosses, colleagues, and subordinates.
We have mutual respect for our bosses, colleagues, and subordinates as coequal human beings. We also do our best to build a fair and healthy relationship based on good communication and trust.
3. We respect our customers, shareholders, and partners.
We build mutual trust by clearly understanding and following the ethical standards of our customers and shareholders. We will pursue mutual development with business partners through fair and transparent transactions.
4. We maintain a transparent corporate culture.
We improve managerial transparency in all our business activities, and actively protect assets of the company. We maintain a transparent corporate culture by doing all jobs the way of drawing a distinct line between private and public matters.