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Global Top-tier Shipping Group in Resources Transport

SK Shipping recognizes environmental management as top priority. We follow international rules and regulations such as MARPOL to protect the earth from water pollution and air pollution. SK Shipping is also certified with ISO 14001, the environment management system, to meet world-wide environment and safety rules. Thus we are in top position with world-class shipping companies in Service Quality.

Water pollution management

  • SK Shipping is exceeding the international rules and regulations such as MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973) by ensuring the pollution prevention equipment such as ODME, Oily Water Separator, Incinerator, Sewage Treatment to be in their best condition and working correctly, thereby preventing any chance of malfunction.
  • All garbage and waste oil are strictly separated before disposal, are incinerated by shipboard incinerator as much as possible, and the remains are discharged into shore reception facilities safely for recycling. We also proactively pursue 3R campaign (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to minimize the amount of waste.
  • To prevent water pollution caused by harmful organisms and pathogens from ship ballast water, we exchange ballast water only in the middle of the oceans and prohibit the use of paint containing TBT (Tributyltin).

Air pollution management

  • It is company policy that all vessels use equipment and fuel oil meeting the standards of international convention regarding SOx and NOx.
  • SK Shipping is certified with ISO 9001 to satisfy our customers through quality assurance. SK Shipping implemented e-Management system transforming onshore/offshore business process into simple and efficient way. Our business activities are processed through system, thus each activities is monitored, nothing to be missed and everything is in order.