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 Principles of Ethics

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 Principles of Ethics contents

Responsibilities for customers
The Company recognizes that customers are the fundamental reason for its existence and endeavors to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality of services.
The Company always serves its customers based on the belief "What's good for customers is good for us."
Responsibilities for shareholders
The Company endeavors to maximize shareholder value through long-term sustainable growth.
The Company provides shareholders with accurate information in a timely manner in order to help investors and interested parties make sound investment decisions
Compliance with laws and regulations and respect for fair competition
The Company always respects local norms and complies with all laws and regulations applied all over the world.
The Company respects free market economy and participates in competition in a fair and transparent manner.
Social responsibilities for the state and the community
The Company faithfully fulfills the roles and responsibilities required of a good corporate citizen.
The Company complies with regulations on environmental protection and strives to protect the marine environment.
The Company is not engaged in any political activities and does not try to seek political favors in any way.
Responsibilities to the Employees
The Company recognized that the Employees are the main driving force for the corporation's sustainable growth, endeavors to evaluate the performance of the Employees and reward them fairly based on abilities and achievements.
Work ethics of the Employees
The Employees should establish right values based on integrity and diligence, should complete one's assigned duties through fair execution of work and constant self-development.